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How To Prepare Your Home’s Heating Unit For Winter’s Chill

How To Prepare Your Home’s Heating Unit For Winter’s Chill

As winter quickly approaches the Reading, PA region, it’s a great time to make sure you have a working heater for your home that can reliably serve through the cold months. To reduce winter’s chill, we’ve included some tips below toward preparing your heater so there’s plenty of warmth for the whole family.

Prepare The Ventilation

At The Plumbing Works, we suggest the vents or registers in your home get dusted before you turn on your heater. This helps clear out any extra particles and allergens that may show up in your air. Also be sure to check that nothing is blocking your home’s vents, reducing the overall airflow.

Replace The HVAC Filter

It’s a good idea to replace your HVAC filter once a season. As Autumn progresses, your filter collects dirt, allergens, dust, pet dander, and more. Once the season has ended, it gets congested and won’t be able to filter your air as intended. To always have the cleanest air, make sure to check what kind of filter your unit requires and pick one up at a hardware or home improvement store.

Remove Any Nearby Objects

Before you activate your heater, take away any objects that are next to your unit. Common items that act as obstacles include boxes, furniture, storage devices and containers, and more. Keeping objects close by increases the likelihood of a fire, so be sure to keep the whole family safe.

Cover The Condenser

If you have a conventional HVAC unit, it’s worth buying a cover for your air conditioning condenser (typically its outside). By [protecting it for the winter, you can stop ice from collecting inside it and prevent damage due to environmental conditions such as hail, tree branches, debris, and more.

Turn The Thermostat On

Change the settings from cooling to heating and make the temperature a few degrees higher than the room’s current temperature. If you don’t hear the heat click on within about a minute, you could try pulling off the cover to check that the wire connections are secure (so long as you are comfortable doing so). If the wire connections seem strong, check that the power source to the HVAC system is active. If it’s still not working, it probably makes sense to contact a trained professional at The Plumbing Works.

Trust Your Senses

As you clean your home’s heating system, try giving your heating unit a practice run to ensure it doesn’t produce any smoke or unusual noises. If an unusual sound or dark soot comes out, contact a professional at The Plumbing Works. Smoke or soot deposits could mean that its burners need fixing or that the furnace has a damaged heat exchanger.

Contact The Plumbing Works

If you’re having any problems with your home’s heating, or if you just have questions about how to best heat your home or want to schedule an appointment, please contact The Plumbing Works! When your needs require more than a quick DIY repair, The Plumbing Works is dedicated to serving you! Schedule your appointment online today.