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4 Reasons to Invest in Septic Tank Services

Septic maintenance from The Plumbing Works will keep your system working properly

4 Reasons to Invest in Septic Tank Services

A significant amount of homes in the United States don’t rely on public sewer systems or municipal waste management. Instead, they use septic tanks to properly dispose of their household’s waste. Most people generally don’t think about what goes on in their septic system, but if it starts malfunctioning and spreading sewage into your yard or backing it up into your house, you’re suddenly going to be thinking about it an awful lot!


A properly functioning septic system is not difficult to maintain with just a little extra thought and some regular maintenance. Getting professional services on your tank is unavoidable when you have septic, and reliable help from a trustworthy plumbing expert can provide these benefits for you and your home!

Prevent Soil Contamination

There are a few ways for sewage to get out of your septic tank and into your yard, contaminating the soil, spreading foul smells, and generally creating problems. One is through the field lines, which deal with the liquid waste from the tank. If these lines are damaged or solid waste is overflowing into them, this can cause septic leakage. Another way is if the tank itself is damaged. Getting regular septic tank services can help to catch or prevent these issues before they start to cause problems on your property.

Avoid Septic Backups

For many homeowners with septic systems, sewage backups are the kind of thing their nightmares are made of. An overly full or malfunctioning septic tank can lead to sewage backing up into all of the drains of your home, where it will smell horrible and potentially be damaging to you and your family’s health. Septic tank services will help to eliminate the problems that can cause this.

Remove Buildup and Roots

The processed sewage in a septic tank is called sludge, and it needs to be emptied out of the tank every so often to keep things working properly. However, even when it’s been emptied correctly, the substance can build up on the inside of your septic tank, causing clogs and backups. Additionally, you might run into a problem where tree roots in your yard start growing into the tank and causing the same outcomes. A professional plumber providing septic tank services will have some way of dealing with these problems, like hydrojetting that uses a powerful blast of water to obliterate these obstructions.

Check for Leaks

If you want the sewage from your home to remain in your septic tank, you need to be keeping an eye out for leaks. It’s often convenient and effective to be checking your system for leaks during your regular maintenance once every few years or so. Some good plumbers will even offer this as a part of their maintenance or service package, and if they don’t, it’s a good idea to ask! Having a professional eye on your system to check for leaks can be great for prevention, keeping you from having to deal with the unpleasant effects of a septic leak.


The thought of a malfunctioning septic system is enough to send a chill up any homeowner’s spine, but with a little help from the pros, you don’t have to worry about what’s going on inside your tank! If you suspect you may be having a septic issue, or it’s time for your regular maintenance, make sure to contact The Plumbing Works in Lancaster, PA today. We’re ready to help you!